Wednesday, January 21, 2009

udder randomness, mostly

I told you some of this shit would turn around, didn't I? The dude that hit my trailer stopped by the house this evening. He lives down the road, and apparently within the neighborhood gossip chain, cause he heard my AXLE (I now realize I used the figure skating spelling in the last post, oops, my bad) was bent in the mayhem. He's broke as shit, which makes me feel a little bit bad, but he's gonna pay up anyway, cause I'm more broke as shit than him!

There has also been movement on the job front. Nothing firm, but something better than nothing.

The steelhead, however, continue to fucking evade me. I even had the boober and jig out this weekend. The pisces of shit now officially own my mind, again.

One more thing, hail to the chief!

Nice gettin to know ya George, not. Have fun in Texas, hope your a steer. Love, the leech

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

turn this shit around, shall we?

i can't believe it's been over a month since i've posted here. a whole bunch of shitty stuff has happened with regards to fishing, which is probably why i haven't wrote. first, i didn't get a job yet and i'm quickly approaching way too fucking long without work. second, i got skunked hard in december on the swung fly, but picked one steelhead up plugging on a cold day with good friends which was nice. third, while i was away for christmas some jackass hit my trailer which was parked out front sans boat and chained to the curb. the lock is broken, the wheel cover is bent into the wheel and the axel has a very unnatural bow to it. the neighbor saw it and got a license plate # but i just talked to the cops and apparently it was not correct. the number i gave the cops is on a car, not a truck as the neighbor described, and belongs to a couple that was in missouri when the shit went down. fuck hole, suck hole. but thats great, see, i have all this money lying around and i needed something like a fucked up trailer axel to use it on! bingo!

anyways, i hate whining. i am kind of whiner though, which sucks for me. but alas, i can feel the tides turning. soon i will have a job, and my trailer will be in working order and i will bury the hook deep into the jaw of a big fat chromer. you just watch.