Wednesday, May 21, 2008

3 weeks

Sadly, with not much to report in the way of morels and fish, 3 weeks have gone by. The last four morel outings have yielded about 10 total. The fishing has been nearly non-existant, with the snow melt and all. The local locales are flowing in the trees as the dams prepare themselves for the deluge of snowmelt rolling down the mountains. The riparian morels near home are on their last legs and most of the fires are either dried out or covered with snow. But the morels are still finding some favorable conditions in a few burns and the spring king boletes ought to be starting soon as well. This weekend will mark my first trip this spring over the cascades, we will be scouting and, hopefully, picking morels in the burns and maybe some spring kings, if luck is on our side. But the fishing, sadly, will likely have to wait a bit longer. I have been pretty excited to get out the floating lines for summer steelhead, but as I mentioned, rivers in the the trees make things a little tricky.

All has not been lost though, one of the morel trips and a coastal hike yielded my first two batches of oyster mushrooms. I had read some mixed messages regarding the flavor of the oyster. One bulletin board post likens them to bacon, while a book I read compares breaded and deep fried oyster mushrooms with seafood. On my tongue, I definitely got the bacon message, which was surprising. These were consumed sauteed and mixed with veggies and scrambled eggs. We also gave them a try breaded and fried. I thought they tasted like fried mushrooms, hmmmm?, but the texture was reminiscent of some seafoods. Tasty little morsels though, without argument.

I also made my first trip to Silver Creek Falls State Park yesterday. This is a spectacular piece of earth. I highly recommend all who live in or visit Oregon go there. My mind could hardly comprehend how the little stream above and below the larger waterfalls was the same water within the falls. It just didn't add up and seemed like there was a mysterious water addition right at the brink of the waterfall. Words, especially my jumbled prose, will never come close to describing whats there, so just go see for yourself.

With luck there will be much juicier posts soon, with eye candy and the like. Til then, stay upright.


Finspot said...

T-Mos, I think you'll be happy with what you find east of the crest. Check out yesterday's haul...

K said...

I had almost forgotten my love for eggs-n-mushrooms. My favorite dish includes good big eggs from reputable hens scrambled with milk and lots of fresh ground pepper. Sauteed extra thick slices of any mushroom in hints of garlic and butter. Throw them on top of the eggs and saturate with aged dry swiss.
Believe it or not, the mushrooms actually allow for a glass of an IPA with this.

Bucket beater said...

I miss the Leech, T. I'm sure that you're incredibly busy with... wwwwriting, but how about a little love for the faithful masses of stringleech fanatics.