Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hey! it's a jpeg!

this blog is useless without pics! someday, lads, i will jump back into society with a splash, start working again and buy a gotdam digital camera, but this day shall not be that day. in the meantime i have a really nice brother who took a pic of the carp fly i spoke about a couple weeks ago. i should, however, issue a statement of partial retraction on the whole "its the fly that matters" thing with the carp. I was back to the spot a week ago and didn't hook a fish. a friend was with and he hooked two, one on a little san juan worm and one on a small rubber legged squirrel nymph. the fly that slayed em the week before got only a few follows and one take. so it apparently isn't as magical as first thought. it is still a damn good fly though so here it is!

there are two small differences between this fly and the one i used...1) on my fly the larva lace is brown and 2) i used rusty orange rabbit for the wing instead of what appears to be hackle fibers.


Bucket beater said...

Holy capr! A picture! I always knew the Christensen Brothers we're a team.

Are you going to swing that thing on the NU? I've heard of crazier methods.

t-mos said...

dude, i should probably bring one down there...sans the eyes of course. though i will have a hard time clipping the fat, sexy wakers i just tied off my leader.

Bucket beater said...

Tie some for me, T-mos, I'll be coming in for the scoop.