Thursday, September 4, 2008

a photo essay, of sorts

As promised.

this is a big ass hive under a bridge

glacier np

more glacier

just outside glacier

that was unintentional


K said...

Those trout streams look like they're filled with love.

Finspot said...

Good to see yer back in action with the digi, Brother Leech. Glacier NP is a special place. Did you see huckleberries, or are they late there too? Last time I was in Glacier I watched a couple griz eating fermented grains from a train spill the year before. They were about half a mile down the slope from the road--a good thing, because who wants to be near a drunk griz?

t-mos said...

i haven't picked huckleberries before and don't know how to ID i can't tell ya if they were there or not. and, you are right, who does want to be around a drunk griz? grizzly man maybe, if he could.