Friday, May 15, 2009

wipe down of the mental slate

i swung flies for a couple hours today. it was fantastic. i even ass hooked a sucker. i stopped to take a picture of the steelie dog rummaging in the flooded brush, when i started to strip in the slack there was the no-nonsense (read: "nonsense") tug (read: "sally throb") of none other than the mighty asshooked sucker. i thought about preserving the fine specimen in a photograph, but had just re-cased the camera, and it was a sucker, hooked in the ass.

anyways, it was sunny and 75 and it didn't matter that my waders leaked and there was little to no salmon for the dog to get poisoned by and the screws i put through my wading boots to hold the soles on held, bonuses, all.

1 comment:

Eric said... you said in an earlier post, the string leech does indeed abide. just back to work after an extended hiatus, also expecting a kid, steelhead on the mind, mushrooms coming up and always seeking adventure, whether it be in fatherhood or the wild. keep it real. i've always dug your blog.
peace e.