Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Intro Info

I figured I should let you know the blogs motive. I want three things from it 1) an easier way than email to communicate, bulk style 2) I think of shit that I want to write down sometimes, but never do, now maybe I will and 3) my writing sucks hairy balls and I figure practice can't hurt.

The title is almost solely in response to a line in a book I recently read, it is a book about steelheading, and though this is not a quote it went something like can tell a lot about how much someone cares for nature by looking in their fly box. It went on to say, basically, that if you have pretty flies, you care more about nature. This guy annoys me, much like poison oak annoys me, I think. I figure he wouldn't much care for a dirty, gaudy ass string leech too much, although he probably uses them, really pretty ones I bet. In addition, he is a cock, undermining other peoples contributions to NW Steelheading and touting his own (which may or may not actually be his to tout).

Thats it. Stay tuned.

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K said...

Good start. Like the first sip off a cold bottle of beer on a 90 degree day.