Friday, October 26, 2007

signs point to yes

As most of the readers of this little shithole corner of the intertubes know, I have recently acquired a badass boat from an even bad asser fella, really dude, thanks again. It sits in my carport as of last night and the image hasn't left my mind once for roughly 19 hours 28 minutes and 30 seconds, it is a constant state of fuck yeah.

Along with the boat came a magic 8 ball, this fuckin thing is like a legend in its own right. So I promise her that I will ask her one question and one question only when we're off the water. I needed to know if she was happy in her new place. So I waited until we were alone, slid the 8 ball out of the side pocket and asked "Are you happy with your new home?", damnit I almost shit myself with the anticipation. Then I turned it over...."signs point to yes"

Life is Good.


K said...

Wonder was wrong. That just kicks ass.

Flytimes said...

Can't beat that new boat feeling.