Friday, January 18, 2008


I left work yesterday at 11:45. See, N^2 came over two nights ago and lived up to his reputation by making sure to tell me how he was going to fish the following day (yesterday), when he knows damn well I have to work...he is really good at this. Anyways, when I got to work yesterday I got this feeling that I wasn't supposed to be there. So, I called the N^2 and he was damned kind enough to get my gear together (payback for all the times he rubbed all the midweek fishing in my face). Leaving work early to fish when you left home thinking you were gonna work all day is like walking into a high class strip club when you were expecting a low class gay bar (you know like bikers and leather low-class) and you don't realize it until the last second. Fucking excellent. A fine day was had by all and the fine-ness was thoroughly in place prior to landing two steelhead on the swung fly between three guys in just over 3 hours of fishing, that shit was a bonus.

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