Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Forcing it

So, I have been pretty sleepy around here lately. I am attributing most of this to life. As in, I have been too busy with life to post. By "busy" I certainly don't mean busy!, in fact the meaning is much closer to lazy than busy. But busy sounds better than lazy so I will stick with it. The fishing in fly department has been damned slow of late, high and cold water is a cocktail suited to the dirty mcdirts of the world and I spent too much time drinking that drink early in the winter. Two weekends in a row now I have tried to force it with the fly and while its great to be out (especially in little coastal old growth valleys), its a bit of a bitch to make things happen that don't want to. But things are warming and wanting to change for the better so I got that going for me, which is nice. Nonetheless its gettin kinda bad. I measure my distaste for the steelheading conditions in desire to fish trout, and I am really close to making some plans on that front...this is a fucking tragedy for mid February. I am not supposed to think about trout until at least April 1st, and then its really easy to just pretend its a joke. But now? I must be sick.

Soon enough the shit is gonna line up and get real good and I plan on being there for it. Til then, busy it will be.

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Bucket beater said...

Trout? What the fuck is that all about? Fight it, dude. Fight it!