Monday, April 21, 2008

Good days....

Well it got cold. Not cold enough to freeze and whither the morels overnight, but probably cold enough to have restarted the morel season at a certain elevation. Its likely that the low stuff was spared from complete destruction, but probably was slowed way down and anything that had started popping above 1000 ft is likely gone. Nonetheless, we knew that there were morels to be had, so we went and got 'em. Went back to the same place I got the first haul late last week. We pulled about 3-4 more lbs. on Saturday and about 1 lb on Sunday morning (picking in the snow!). We scouted Saturday for some similar locales but found nothing. So yesterday afternoon we opted for some river bottom cottonwoods to finish out the day. We are happy we did!!!

Scouting the coast range

Saturdays take

The blacks on the top half are from the same coastal spot and the esculentas on the bottom are from "a" river bottom (whatever you do, don't ask where "a" river is)

Some art, courtesy of Kari...I wanna eat this picture

So right about now, there are about 7 lbs. of fresh morels in the fridge. Being that it's April 21st and I didn't even find one last year until May 13th I would say that it's looking like a good spring!

Bon Appetit!

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