Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last Week #1

Last week was relatively slow when stacked up against the one before it. However, it was not without highlight. This unemployment thing is great, I can't imagine what it would be like to actually be on unemployment, like I could be getting paid for this madness?

Anyways, tried to round up a few more morels close to home. Only went out one day due mainly to shitty weather, picking morels in the rain gets old really quick. It seems like the blackberrys somehow increase there affinity to my pants, and likewise my pants seem much worse at keeping the blackberrys off my skin. Waaaah, waaaaah. While on the forage I saw a couple noteworthy things, one being this MASSIVE trillium, I don't know how big these usually get but this one dwarfs most of the others I've seen this spring. Granted it is a small backpack, but the flower is about 2-2.5 ft tall.

A little further down the "trail" that I wasn't on I saw this Verpa conica, edible but apparently not too coveted.
Last but not least, a nice fruiting of what I believe are Turkey Tails. I think I've seen more of these than any other mushroom this spring. Always on dead trees, usually dead and down, and sometimes on stumps.

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