Monday, April 21, 2008


Some friends of the leech found themselves knee deep in spring gold! Awesome find!!!

Round 1 of the yearly drying operation here at headquarters, trying a new method this year. Used a dehydrator last year...this batch still has a day or two to go, but so far so good and it doesn't smell nearly as bad as the dehydrator.


Finspot said...

Might be time for a roadtrip down to yr stomping ground, Brother Leech... I did some scouting this past Sunday and was followed by the snow from west side over to supposedly sunny east side. Spots that should have babies by now are still under three feet of snow! Did find verpas down by the Yak.

Do you normally get such a haul of esculenta around PDX? Man, those are good-looking merkels. It's mostly blacks up here.

t-mos said...

I just started last year and found "greys" or "yellows" (both usually refer to M. esculenta) in one riparian area and in two campgrounds, one of which was also riparian. Last year I didn't get this many in one spot, they were more scattered, but I also didn't start looking for them until May 13 which very likely has something to do with it. Likewise, I have covered 10 times more ground this year already and just found them in this one spot, but I think that has more to do with timing than specific location. My conclusion last year was that they are everywhere and they fruit when they want to, within some environmental limits, determining those limits I think is the key to spending time in the right places.

??? wish I had the answers. Let me know if you decide to road trip down yonder.

Finspot said...

Thinking about busting out the ugly stick for some springer fishing next week at the circus, Drano. Might look for yellows while I'm at it.