Monday, March 24, 2008

Boatin' it

Had the boat on it's first camping trip (with me, sort of) this weekend. Kari hooked her first winter on the swung fly, a most serious accomplishment, with the fishkiller striking again...or the fishkiller getting striked again? The fishkiller is a fly I will have to tell you about later...I digress, again. Anyways, it was a badass weekend on some badass water. I rowed a couple nice drops but not the one in the photo, it looks so quaint in 2 dimensions. The drop pictured was a chew you up and spit you out piece of water that had the potential for serious punishment if the oars were not stroked just right. Given my greenhorness on the sticks, I figured the easy wade down the river right side was a much more life friendly option. Additionally, my dumbass hung us on a rock on some relatively simple looking shit later in the day, if it wasn't for Kari's quick witedness and weight shift we may well have lost a lot of shit...or maybe more. I haven't been as scared in a long time as I was when I felt that tube hang up, needless to say I have a serious newfound respect for the power of water.

In related news, towards the end of the day yesterday I was stripping in my shooting line rather fast and lifted the rod to set my anchor for the double spey, when the fly left the water a fish sharked the shit out of it, but missed, the whole back was out of the water dorsal, tail and all. The fucker would not come back, but it was certainly a moment of awesomeness.

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