Monday, March 10, 2008

I've tried to resist....but

I wanted to stick with cool shit like steelhead and tasty shroomage on this blog, but I can no longer resist the temptation.

This shit is hot off the press.

The headline from the AP:

Tainted drinking water kept under wraps
Many researchers fear public would misunderstand, overreact to disclosure

When water providers find pharmaceuticals in drinking water, they rarely tell the public. When researchers make the same discoveries, they usually don’t identify the cities involved.
There are plenty of reasons offered for the secrecy: concerns about national security, fears of panic, a feeling that the public will not understand — even confidentiality agreements.

“That’s a really sensitive subject,” said Elaine Archibald, executive director of California Urban Water Agencies, an 11-member organization comprised of the largest water providers in California.

She said many customers “don’t know how to interpret the information. They hear something has been detected in source water and drinking water, and that’s cause for alarm — just because it’s there.”

As The Associated Press documented in a five-month investigation, drinking water provided to at least 41 million people living in 24 major metropolitan areas has tested positive for trace amounts of pharmaceuticals.

All that I can say is THANK YOU WATER TESTING PEOPLE! You have really saved me a lot of heartache and stress by not telling me there are detectable levels of pharmaceuticals in my drinking water. I probably wouldn't have known "how to interpret the information" had you told me sooner. I might have even thought it was "cause for alarm"! My word, that would have been a real tragedy. But now I know for sure, since you didn't just come out and say it, that it must be completely safe. It's a good thing too, cause if it wasn't safe those big multi-billion dollar pharmy companies might have tried to cover it up. Its good that you didn't make them do that...errrrr? Wait, you didn't take money from the drug companies to keep this quiet, did you? No, you mustn't have, cause it's safe, right? It's probably really good for fish and other aquatic life too, they probably never get sick cause they are all being treated for everything already! What a great plan. Maybe we should put more drugs in the water, then people won't ever get cancer or disease of any kind, and if you just threw in a little amphetamine and THC it would take care of the illegal drug problem, just like that! All you would have to do is get a glass of water!

Thanks again water testers, for knowing what is best for me. DOUCHEBAGS!

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