Thursday, March 6, 2008

Photo Re-cap

Well, I always say I am going to put up pictures but never do. Here is a little bonus porn from the past two months. The first pic and the obvious one taken on gear, the rest on the swung fly! I tripled the number of winters I've caught on the swung fly in just two months (I had two total for the last two winters)...all I notice that is much different is that I purposely cast like shit and feed lotsa line to get REAL! deep.

Also, a bonus pic from last year at the end, cause it's pretty much that time again.

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K said...

A post that validates blogging for two reasons: One, it's similar to a little crick near here that just FILLS with steelhead. Two, Henri Lautrec's nudes and cycle racing posters are tops and until this day I had no idea he was into steelhead. If I got to go back in time, he's my new go-to man.