Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I told ya so....

So I am doing a little reading tonight on the Native Fish Society web page. I was scrolling through a document detailing exactly how bad hatchery fish suck at being fish, and how much there fucking up the lives of real fish everywhere. Then I found the gem I have been looking for.....

Marchetti, Michael, P. and Gabrielle A. Nevitt. 2003. Effects of hatchery rearing on brain structure of rainbow trout. Environmental Biology of Fishes 66: 9-14.

"We find…that the brains of hatchery reared fish are relatively smaller in several critical measures than their wild counterparts. Our work may suggest a mechanistic basis for the observed vulnerability of hatchery fish to predation and their general low survival upon release into the wild. Our results are the first to highlight the effects of hatchery rearing on changes in brain development in fishes."

Well fuck a duck. Hey Kevin, remember that hatchery fish you caught with a wood chip in it's stomach? If I were a steelhead I would definitely want the wood biter to be my mommy.

To sum, let this serve as a reminder, if not an order given by nature, to Kill Hatchery Steelhead.

Check out the rest of the document here:


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